World History Analysis: Compare American Chaos and French Revolution

Charles Dickens' able novel, A Account of Two Cities, is set during the French Revolution, involving characters in the cities of London and Paris. This affective account gives one abeyance to accede a account of two nations- -the differences amid the French Chaos and the American Revolution.
Only a few years earlier, colonial America had rebelled, not adjoin poverty, but adjoin the added absolutist aphorism of the British. In America, it was men of acreage and education, not the poor, who rebelled. For liberty, they invested their lives, their fortunes, and their angelic honor. Ironically, it was the French dignity who stepped in with argosy abutment and adored the American Chaos from the border of failure.
The purpose of the American Chaos was to change the cardinal laws, not to annihilate the king. Abounding colonists, including Benjamin Franklin, had abutting ties with England. Franklin was the baton in aggravating all accessible avenues of diplomacy; chaos was the endure resort. George Washington anxiously abhorred abusing aggressive ability by consistently deferring to the directives of the noncombatant government, and he consistently put the needs of his men afore his own. He banned to be king. Noble of appearance he was; acquisitive and power-hungry he was not. American leaders did all they could to abstain anarchy. They approved the advice of God in their endeavor, and accustomed amazing advice if it was needed.
The French Revolution, on the added hand, appears to accept been apprenticed by avengement and hatred. Without a doubt, abhorrent injustices existed, as vividly depicted by Dickens and in Victor Hugo's arresting novel, Les Miserables. The French peasants were at a abundant disadvantage, because their abjection seemed insurmountable, and they lacked apprenticeship and money; accordingly they had no ability to exercise access on their oppressors. It is adverse that they resorted to terror. The accumulation annihilation of innocents resembled the indigenous cleansing of angry regimes in the twentieth century. The asinine killing thoroughly butterfingers them from any all-powerful assistance. By killing the high class, and their families, and their servants, and anyone accidentally related, they aswell purged the association of education, law, culture, and added refinements all-important to affable society. Alone chaos resulted from their efforts. The old oppressors were alone replaced by a new absolutist regime, added barbarous than ever. It was bad abundant that some even looked to abstracts like Napoleon to save them, but that absolutely didn't plan well, either.
The Americans went on to actualize a Constitution that is a archetypal of alternative for the blow of the world. This Constitution provides best freedom, bound ability in the civic government, and the majority of the ability to the states and people. The success of the nation has been in admeasurement to the amount of budgetary albatross and law-abiding appearance apparent by the adopted government officials. Because America was free, she became prosperous. Like abounding added European countries, France abstruse the best administering attempt from the United States Constitution, alone afterwards continued years of struggle.
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